At Bibvy, we understand the struggle of messy mealtimes all too well. It was this very challenge that inspired Danielle Bohannan, Founder of Bibvy, to embark on a mission to revolutionize the way parents, babies and toddlers experience mealtime. As Danielle began introducing her daughter Ivy to solid foods, she faced the frustration of traditional bibs falling short in keeping the mess at bay.

Determined to find the perfect solution, Danielle tirelessly searched for a bib that provided a secure attachment and an effective food catcher. But every option was no match for her daughter Ivy and would result in a mess after mealtime. Silicone bibs were easily taken off, leading to food spilling everywhere. Coverall bibs covered the clothes but failed to catch the food, resulting in a messy floor.

Driven by her unyielding quest for perfection, Danielle took matters into her own hands. She decided to design her own bib, something that her daughter Ivy couldn't rip off and that would actually keep her clean.

The result? Bibvy - a revolutionary coverall bib like no other. With its unique buckle that wraps around the sides of the high chair, Bibvy ensures that no baby or toddler can rip it off. No more food flying across the room!

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