Bibvy - the innovative, one-of-a-kind coverall bib that makes mealtime a breeze for both parents and babies! Unlike any other bib on the market, Bibvy features a unique buckle that securely fastens around your little one's high chair, creating a "hammock" in their lap to catch any food that misses their mouth. With the attached silicone food catcher, you won't have to worry about pesky messes! Protect those cute clothes and let your little one explore food without worry. Parenting can be stressful, but mealtime shouldn't be!

Mess Free Meals = Happy Parents!

Our Unique Coverall & Buckle design makes clean up a breeze for Parents

Does your child eat like my husband?😂

Say good-bye to stained clothes and having to give your little one a bath after meals like spaghetti or tacos!

  • Buckles and tie that are easily adjustable
  • Food catcher to reduce food waste
  • Creates hammock in lap to catch food
  • Machine washable for easy clean up
  • Perfect for crafts, messy play and even haircuts
  • Designed for children 6 months to 3 years old

“Our son went from wearing his dinner to catching it. We absolutely LOVE our Bibvy! We really struggled to find a bib that fit all of our needs. Sometimes we caught ourselves layering multiple bibs or removing clothing during dinner time just to avoid stains and a messy clean up. This bib not only catches the food but it gives full coverage to protect any drops from falling on his clothes. This is a must for every household and would make such a good gift for expecting parents!”

⁃ Natalie Buermann

Why Choose Bibvy?

Our Unique Coverall & Buckle design is Parent Approved!

  • Content toddler wearing a Bibvy bib at mealtime, with a focus on the bib's functionality and stylish design

    ✅ Mess Free Mealtime

    Between the coverall design, the hammock-like feature, and the silicone food catcher, Bibvy will keep both your little one and your floor clean & stain free!

  • Close-up of the secure tie feature on a Bibvy bib with 'Little Birdie' print, focusing on the design for a snug fit.

    ✅ Secure & Comfortable Fit

    Bibvy features a patent pending buckle and tie in the back which will prevent your little one from ripping bibvy off and tossing their food everywhere with it!

  • Hands cleaning a 'Little Birdie' print Bibvy bib in the sink, demonstrating the easy washability of the product.

    ✅ Easy to Clean Up

    Clean up is easy thanks to Bibvy. You can wipe it down, wash it in the sink or detach the silicone food catcher and toss it in the washing machine for a quick and easy clean!

What Our Customers are saying...

See Bibvy in action and how it's helped others like you!

Before and after images showing a baby first eating with a mess before using Bibvy, and then spotlessly clean after using a Bibvy bib, with a Christmas tree in the background

Keeps them clean!

"Loving our Bibvy! It even kept him clean while eating goulash. The pocket at the top is genius. This will definitely make meal time easier."

Hannah Z.

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Bibvy Goes Beyond Mealtime Messes

Bibvy is the perfect option because it goes from mealtime, to craft time and beyond!

From messy activities like sensory bins, cooking, painting, or even hair cuts, Bibvy has got your little one covered - literally!

Danielle, the founder of Bibvy, smiling and holding an mauve pink and white checkered bib in a modern kitchen setting.

How Did Bibvy Start?

Meet Danielle Bohannan, the founder of Bibvy, who was inspired by the challenges of messy mealtimes with her daughter Ivy.

Frustrated by traditional bibs that fell short in keeping the mess at bay, Danielle embarked on a relentless quest for the perfect solution. She couldn't find what she was looking for, so she designed it herself. The result is Bibvy, a revolutionary coverall bib with a unique buckle that ensures it stays put, even with the most determined little ones.

Say goodbye to food spills and flying mess – click below to learn more about Danielle's journey and how Bibvy can transform your mealtime experience.


Patent Pending Design