Hands washing a 'Little Birdie' print Bibvy bib in the sink, with a caption highlighting the ease of cleaning by rinsing or machine washing after meals.

Cleaning Guide: Keeping Your Bibvy Coverall Bib Fresh for Little Ones Aged 6 Months to 3 Years

Ensuring the cleanliness of your Bibvy coverall bib is crucial for maintaining hygiene and comfort for your little ones. Follow this comprehensive guide to keep your Bibvy bib in pristine condition.

Pre-Wash Preparation

Step 1: Remove the Silicone Food Catcher

Begin by detaching the silicone food catcher from the Bibvy bib. It's important to note that the silicone catcher is not suitable for machine washing and requires separate cleaning.

Washing Your Bibvy Bib

Step 2: Machine Wash

With the silicone food catcher removed, the Bibvy bib is ready for the washing machine. Opt for a gentle cycle with cold water to ensure the bib's durability and prevent any potential damage. For color preservation, it's advisable to wash the Bibvy with like colors or in a separate load.

Drying Your Bibvy Bib

Step 3: Drying Options

After washing, you can either tumble dry the Bibvy bib on a low setting or choose to air dry it for a gentler approach. Remember, the silicone food catcher should only be air-dried to maintain its integrity and shape.

Following these steps will ensure your Bibvy coverall bib remains fresh and clean, ready for your child's next mealtime or craft activity, while preserving the quality and longevity of the bib.

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